Dog on a Biscuit Bed

Introducing a truly eco-friendly dog bed.

The Biscuit is stuffed with a patented packing material called TWISTS. Made from 100% recycled paper that is twisted to form a supportive but soft filling, these beds are meant to replace foam beds that won’t bio-degrade.

Every dog owner knows how much their dog loves a tree. These scent signposts are inherent in TWISTS, creating familiarity where they sleep – and dogs sleep a lot.

Made in Canada for Canadian Dogs!

Made in Canada - Biscuit Dog Bed

5 REASONS Why Dogs Love Biscuits BEST.

Biscuit Dog Bed - Quilted Top

Quilted Top with cushioned liner. Wear-resistant, high-quality fabric.

Biscuit Dog Bed - Supportive and Comfy

Super supportive and comfy. Holds shape. Medium and Large.

Biscuit Dog Bed - Heavy-duty Marine Stitching

Handmade in Canada. Heavy-duty marine stitching. Grey or Blue.

Biscuit Dog Bed - Non-slip Bottom

Moisture-resistant and non-slip bottom. Insulates dogs from cold floors.

Biscuit Dog Bed - Filled with Twists

Filled with TWISTS. Specially designed filler made from recycled paper.

Biscuit Bed Dog

Good for the Earth. Great for your Dog.

Bring the outdoors in! Your dog will love the all-natural feel.

Biscuit Bed - Luxury Beds for Dogs
Every Dog Loves a Biscuit
Box of Plastic Pellets

The Problem.

Plastics are heavily used for stuffing.

  • Over 14 million US tons of polystyrene (plastic foam) is produced each year in the world.
  • 40% of plastics are used just once for packaging and then discarded.
  • An estimated less than 1% of all plastic foam is currently recycled.
  • Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean.
  • 2.3 million tons of Plastic Foam ends up in landfills per year.
  • Plastic Foam takes between 500 & 1,000,000 years to bio-degrade.

The Solution.

Biscuit Luxury Dog Bed is filled with TWISTS, an eco-friendly material made from recycled paper that is 100% biodegradable.

Twists - eco-friendly filler